Turkish Blanket - Handwoven Organic Cotton - Native Pattern


These Organic Cotton Turkish Blankets are Hand-Loomed in Denizli, Turkey by highly skilled artisans whose skills have been passed down for generations.

They're dyed using sustainable vegetable based dyes.

Turkish Blankets are great for picnics, beach days, hanging out on the couch, on the bed, as tablecloths & so much more!

They are lightweight, and dry super fast.

They're ultra stylish, eco-friendly, and very versatile.

They're perfect for parents, and babies on the go!

They'd probably make a pretty cool fort too.



  • Weight: 900.00 g / 31.74 oz
  • Dimension: Length 220.00 cm / 86.61 in | Width 200.00 cm / 78.74 in
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