Jetsetter - Bar Soap


Takeoff on New Adventures with our Travel Ready - Jetsetter Shampoo Bars.

Notes of Cacao, Vanilla, Jasmine, Praline, and Patchouli Inspire Energizing Warmth

and Comfort to the Aloha Voyager!


Wash away the dirt and grime with our Hawaiian Castile Soap.


-This solid soap is made using High Quality, Sustainable, and Organic coconut oil,

  Cocoa Butter, and Shea Butter.

-Coconut oil is most effective for Cleansing, and Cocoa and Shea Butters create a Lotion

  Like Moisturizing Lather.

 -Hawaiian Castile Soap is great for most skin types, and will leave you feeling clean, 

   soft and relaxed.

 -It is safe, effective, and vegan.

-It can be used to clean your hands, face, body, laundry, etc.


~ 4.25 oz




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