Organic Cotton-Handwoven Turkish Towel with Black Stripes on Natural Color


This classic Hand-woven Turkish Bath Towel is woven from 100% pure organic cotton

This Turkish Towel (aka Peshtemal) will keep you dry & fly with its black stripes at both ends of the ecru fabric. The fringes are hand-tied

Peshtemal kept its originality without changing over centuriesTurkish peshtemal, that indispensable wrap of the Turkish hammas and the bathes of the ottoman Palaces, is now adorn the world famous beaches.  

The most characteristic features of Turkish towel; 

  • This towel is very soft and absorbent thanks to being Turkish Cotton. It will get even softer with more use!
  • Pestemals are lightweight, thin, easy-drying and don't take up much space.
  • Turkish pestemals keep their beauty for many years.
  • Pestemalsare very versatile and can be used as a bath towel, beach towel, pool towel, yoga mat, bag or decorative home textiles such as tablecloth. The possibilities are many.

  • Weight: 320.00 g / 11.29 oz
  • Dimension: Length 160.00 cm / 62.99 in | Width 100.00 cm / 39.37 in
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