Organic Lahaina Lemon Candy Soap


For us, Summer time brings fond memories of long childhood days spent swimming at the beach or lake, climbing trees, flying kites, and eating penny candy from the local Five and Dime. Maui-ites are spoiled because it's summer all year long here. But, no matter where you call home, this delightful soap that smells like sweet candied lemon is sure to bring a fond memory of long and lazy days of summer!


Wash away the dirt and grime with our 100% Organic Hawaiian Castile Soap.


-Our solid organic soaps are made using high quality, sustainable, and organic coconut oil.

-Coconut oil is most effective for cleaning.

-Soaps made with it don't have a scent, and we use the finest organic essential oils that smell fantastic.

 -Organic Hawaiian Castile Soap is great for most skin types, and will leave you feeling clean, soft, and relaxed. 

 -It is safe, effective, and vegan.

-It can be used to clean your hands, face, body, laundry, etc.




**Organic Saponified Coconut Oil, Organic Essential Oils of Litsea Cubeba (May Chang), Spring Water, & Hawaiian Sea Salt.


Dyed naturally using organic Spanish saffron and organic annatto. 



* Organic coconut oil is combined with food grade sodium hydroxide, hawaiian sea salt, and maui spring water. Saponification (a.k.a. soap) is the reaction that takes place when the ingredients are combined. 

  Sodium Hydroxide is Salt, Hydrogen, and Oxygen bound together. After saponification is complete, there is no longer sodium hydroxide. All that remains is a very pure, and organic soap.

  Soap weighs no less than 4.75oz

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