Turkish Towel - Traditional


These luxurious towels are hand-woven in Turkey.

Turkish cotton is long prized for its softness and high quality.

When enjoyed at the beach, you will find that sand is very easily shaken out of the towel making your Turkish Towel more comfortable to lounge on and cover with, as well as much less of a messy hassle when you are done with your day and heading home.

The Turkish towel is not just limited to drying off, but it also makes a great sarong, table cloth, picnic blanket, travel blanket, yoga or exercise mat, and so much more! It rolls nicely, making it ideal for taking it on the go or using it as a small neck pillow.

You're sure to love it!

Weight: 420.00 g / 14.81 oz

Dimension: Length 180.00 cm / 70.87 in | Width 100.00 cm / 39.37 in

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